We need to hear from you…

As a Parent Carer Forum we represent parents and carers views and opinions at a number of meetings, groups and panels across education, health and social care in Bolton. We aim to be as representative as possible, and to do this we need to hear from you.

Tell us your stories and experiences so we can make sure that we can pass them on to people who need to hear them.  We want to hear your experiences as a family navigating the system,  progressing through school, dealing with Doctors and hospitals and being supported by social care.

We are able to accept experiences from Bolton residents, or those accessing schools or services within the borough. You can share your story anonomously if you wish, however there are a few basic questions that require answering at the start.

Please take the opportunity to celebrate stories of success with us too. Let us share stories of ‘what good looks like.’

Any stories shared we will use to demonstrate parent carer experience. We cannot take on individual cases.