We are looking for some parent carers to join us to have an informal chat to support us with the development of 2 upcoming projects…

Project 1 – Autism

This Autumn, Bolton will finally be adopting an official pathway for the diagnosis of autism in children. Up until now, there hasn’t been an official NHS designed pathway for families to follow – this has lead to some extremely differing experiences for families. The new pathway is almost at the final stage and hopefully will be launched in the Autumn.

BPCC have been part of a broad team that have designed the new pathway, to ensure that parent carer voice was heard during the process. Part of the new pathway will be an opportunity for families to reach out to the BPCC for signposting to support and guidance whilst undergoing the diagnostic process.

This is where you come in – we want to talk to parents who have been through an autism diagnosis with their child – it may have been recently, or even several years ago. We want to know what would have been welcome support at the time, during the process and once you had a diagnosis. Being able to gather views from families that have been through a diagnosis is crucial for us when we work on what we will be offering families in the Autumn.

To do this we have organised a focus group session on Monday 2nd July, from 10:00-11:30am, at The Bolton Hub. If you would be interested in joining the session please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Project 2 – Preparing for Adulthood

We have been given some funds from the local authority to put on some sessions, workshops, or events that are all about helping parents through the journey as their children approach adulthood, and beyond. We have complete flexibility with what we do with this project, so we really need to hear from you! Whether you have a  child 14+ and are already looking to what happens in the future, or you’re right in the middle of it, we would really like to hear from you.

There’s so much to look at – education, finance, rights, housing, benefits…. the list is endless, so we want to work out some priorities and look at how is best to deliver this information.

We will be starting with an informal focus group session on Monday 2nd July, from 12:30-2pm at The Bolton Hub. If you would be interested in joining the session please complete the form below.


We will only use the data you have submitted on this form to contact you regarding the workshop. We will not store it for any other purpose.